Dear Storm: Thank you for your outstanding talk to our World Future Society members. Your presentation was consistently rated as one of our best, and you really got our members thinking differently about the future of the world. I evaluate hundreds–if not thousands–of articles about the future, and there is an awful lot of repetition. Your work represents a truly new way of looking at global development… fresh ideas that nobody else is contributing to the whole sustainability debate. It was great to see someone in obvious mastery of their material. We look forward to having you back again!



Eric Garland
professional futurist for global corporations and government agencies, and Past President of the Washington DC chapter of the World Future Society. He is author of the upcoming book, “The Busy Executive’s Guide to the Future“. - Washington DC chapter of the World Future Society

You did a great job for us at the symposium and we’ve had lots of positive comments regarding your session. Here are two typical comments about your keynote address (from the conference evaluation forms): ‘Super!’ & ‘I really enjoyed Storm’s presentation – very positive instead of typical gloom and doom.’ Thank you!


Your presentations at our international workshops continually get rave reviews! Your “restoration economy” concept really grabs these development experts, no matter what country they are from. Whether they are primarily focused on the economy, or on the environment, your message has universal appeal, generating excited–and very valuable–dialogue.


Dear Storm: Thanks very much for your fine presentation on the restoration economy here last month. Our members appreciated hearing your important message!

Karen Lewand
Executive Director - American Institute of Architects-Baltimore

Storm’s presentation helped us see project management in a new light: as a tool to be applied to a transcendent purpose, changing the world around us. Hopefully, we will see, as a result, not only a positive change in our world, but also a change in the way project management professionals apply their skills and knowledge to the challenges of a world in crisis.


Storm Cunningham, Publisher
Washington, DC USA
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