In 2002, The Restoration Economy advanced the global regeneration trend. Hailed by public and private leaders worldwide as "Fascinating!" "Landmark" "Essential!" Learn More

In 2008, reWealth (McGraw-Hill) revealed restorative development's revitalizing secrets. Learn More

Storm's 3rd book (Fall 2019) is RECONOMICS: The Path to Resilient Prosperity.   A Guide for Policymakers, Real Estate Investors & Social Entrepreneurs.

The Restoration Economy (2002)

reWealth (McGraw-Hill, 2008)

RECONOMICS (Coming 2019)

"Storm renewed our confidence in a better future!  He is helping us create that better future, while showing how others created a better future for themselves." - U.S. EPA

60% of funding for revitalization and resilience is wasted. Grantmakers assume (wrongly) that recipients have an efficient local redevelopment process.  Storm will boost your ROI (Revitalization On Investment).

Storm is often called the guru of the trillion-dollar global renewal trend. He started writing The Restoration Economy in 1996, when brownfields redevelopment, regenerative agriculture & restoration ecology emerged.
That 2002 book advanced today's regenerative trends: resilience, circular economy, carbon-negative, etc.
As publisher of REVITALIZATION: The Journal of Economic & Environmental Resilience, Storm tracks the latest news and trends in economic regeneration, natural resources restoration & climate resilience worldwide.

As an advisor, he works behind the scenes to help policymakers, mayors and real estate developers shine.

As a motivational speaker, he inspires, entertains & empowers via dramatic success stories, deep insights & wicked humor. He fits professional silos into the regeneration process for personal and organizational growth.

As a workshop leader, Storm helps places create an efficient process for revitalization and resilience.
Too many places simply do a lot of good projects, and hope that renewal will magically appear.
But hope is not a strategy. The reliable production of ANYTHING requires a process.

Storm's new RECONOMICS Process is the cutting-edge path to inclusive, resilient regeneration.

Three Examples of This Year's Public Appearances

Based in Washington DC, Storm does Inspirational talks for general audiences, and How To workshops for professionals, non-profits & governments worldwide.

A former Green Beret, his hard-hitting, humorous, silo-busting talks can focus on water, housing, job growth, energy, transportation, agriculture, natural resources, downtowns, brownfields, heritage, climate, social justice or education.

Nature Is Regenerative: We Should Be Too

April 2-4, 2019
Watershed Symposium
Parksville, BC CANADA
Open/Close Keynotes

Revitalizing Communities By Restoring Environment

April 11, 2019
Public Symposium
Keynote Talk

Restoring Our Farms to Revitalize Our Cities

May 2 & 3, 2019
Two Leadership Events
Charlotte, NC USA
Keynote Talks

Clients include governments, non-profits, universities & corporations:

"Storm Cunningham's RECONOMICS Process raises the bar for community and regional revitalization.

It's a powerful package, succinctly capturing the process that we have doggedly tried to identify over time, not always knowing the next step.

The RECONOMICS Process brings a holistic dimension to redevelopment, inextricably linking vision and task. "

Eric Bonham (quote date: May 2019), Board member, Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia.
Former Director, British Columbia Ministry of Environment. Former Director, British Columbia Ministry of Municipal Affairs.


The 6 Steps To Resilient Prosperity: Surprise! Creating a plan is NOT one of those essential steps.

All Production Requires A Process! Now, communities finally have a process for producing revitalization and resilience.

Rapid Economic Growth Without Sprawl: Repurposing, renewing & reconnecting your assets to revitalize everything.

Creating Confidence In The Local Future: How to attract long-term public & private investment to renew everything.

Renewal Rules: What corporate restructuring efforts should learn from urban revitalization and ecological restoration.

Cooking Up Renewal: Most communities have all the ingredients of revitalization, but lack the recipe.

"Most professionals specialize in only part of the complex community revitalization process. Incomplete efforts usually create messy, expensive, demoralizing failures. Few specialists understand how to bring a place back to life with a holistic approach. If anyone understands the complete revitalization process, it's Storm Cunningham. He's spent over a decade rigorously studying successes and failures worldwide. He can look at a community, regional, or organizational regeneration or redevelopment process, and quickly spot what's wrong...what's missing."

- Lindsey Davis, MPA, MCRP -- Planner, Ayers Saint Gross, Baltimore, MD, USA Contributor: What Weekly Magazine and Changing Media, Twitter: @TheGoodPlan

"Storm is the world’s Economic Medic: the planner, trainer, and guru for resilient, revitalized urban and regional futures. And who knows more about creating effective strategies and local “A-Teams” than a former Green Beret?"

Michael Scott